I canz Code

Yeah, well, you know, that's just like aaah, my opinion, man.


I've been to Canada, so that makes me international. Right? Anyways, hello! I'm a former math teacher and University of Utah graduate who has decided to leave public education and persue a career in web development. Changing careers at any point is less than desirable, but it was neccessary. Below you'll find a general overview of different code I've been learning these past couple years. Please visit my GitHub Repo to see the multiple itterations of this website. In the end, I decided that a vanilla setup would be easier than dealing with an exponentially increasing number of dependencies... Keepin it simple.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript


I have lots of experience working with these three. Years ago I learned HTML & CSS and over the past couple years I've learned a lot about JavaScript. It has always been important to me to know the fundamentals.

React JS


After the big 3, React is my best known front-end framework. I can build reusable components, pass props, manage state, handle events, make asynchronous calls, use lifecycle methods, and much more.

Node JS


Working with Node I've learned boilerplating, API creation & management, using express middleware, setting up development environments, deploying to production, making use of environment variables, etc.



AWS is an absolute beast. I've used the following: Cognito, DynamoDB, RDS (postgres), Lambda, API Gateway, IAM rolls, Route 53, S3 buckets, EC2 for VMs, and others.



I have over 30 repos on Github. I've contributed to open source projects making pull-requests, cloning repos, branching and merging, and using the CLI.



I've built just over 4 websites using WordPress. Making custom themes, using plugins, tweeking PHP code, custominzing CSS, editing SQL databases, and managing media.



I write Python when tinkering around on my Raspberry Pi and love it! I've made a small web-scraping app, built a home security project, and played with a bevey of sensors beepers and other cool things.



I'm just starting to learn GoLang but so far I've made a basic API, connected a database for CRUD operations. I love the versatitly of this language and it's executable nature.



So far I've used databases in AWS (DynamoDB & RDS), MongoDB, MariaDB, mySQL (with some PHP). Some of these were ran locally via Docker but others were used with the Serverless architecture using GraphQL.